Wedding invite! I think most graphic designers have at least one of these. There is always a friend or relative who gets married on our journey to figuring out what we can and what we want to do with our graphic design skills. No better way to flex those skills than coming up with something that will please the bridezilla (but in my case I was lucky and she was a super sweety)!
Brides colors were all kinds of purples, with a rustic/boho theme. I drew and colored all the flowers, arranged the layout (with info on the front and photos on the back), and made the little temple ceremony invite cards. It was a little challenging to find the right mix of fonts and sizes. Bride had two sets of parents that needed to be added to the invite and then two different locations on two different days for two different celebrations that also needed to go on the card. Font type and size, along with layout was crucial to make sure it was balanced... 

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