Several of us students were approached by the heads of the Spring Arts Festival, hosted by NWACC annually. They wanted a simple design, that incorporated the Name (of the festival), Year, and Theme: "Crossing Borders". The festival is meant to broadcast "diverse perspectives, and about seeing the spaces--social, cultural, artistic, political, economic, etc--that divide us and considering how to "cross" those spaces. 
I wanted my design to highlight the theme, since that is what is setting it apart this year from previous ones. I took inspiration, for literal borders or streets that we cross daily for the color scheme and texture. I hand drew the letters to enhance the arts and creating things by hand. I also felt that it would make it more cohesive, if it all looked the same (the top part). Then I added the "Crossing Borders" in a 'fresh' paint strip with that still wet and dripping look to bring to attention that this is something that is currently happening, and that not all borders have been crossed into; so it's not done, not finished, still 'wet'. I strived to make the design cohesive, simple, but still graphically appealing. 
Here I started playing with my letters, hand drawing them and refining 
Then I started playing with color, adding other elments, and some texture
^above is my reference photo that I took of the street/yellow traffic lines for my texture that I later applied to my letter
 Here is my finished design in one color
...In two colors
And then again, but applied to a t-shirt; to see how it would look

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