Another switch-a-roo project... We didn't get the topic we picked and had to switch with another classmates ( I had chosen leather). What ever topic we got we had to create a four-page magazine layout in a style that correlates with our topic. I ended up getting immigration and decided to focus on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. I actually had some fun and ended up forming a personal connection to the topic. I ended up writing my own content (I think we could've used filler text but I took it upon myself  to be very blunt with my opinions since we weren't going to be graded on that...) and with a bit of research it made me appreciate and empathize with the people going through this. I wanted to capture the feel of a world news magazine. They tend to have a lot of pictures and a few large photos, to try and bring readers to what is happening in other parts of the world. 
Above is the application of the four pages in a magazine..ourF. I used a two gird layout on the first two pages, switching to a three grid layout on the last two pages.

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